Join the SAR

Do you have a Patriot ancestor? Are you interested in patriotism?

You don’t have to be a genealogist to join the SAR. While the SAR is a lineage society and many members are active in the hobby, it is not a requirement. There are chapter members who will help guide you to the necessary documentation and fill out the paperwork. Check with the Chapter Registrar, he can be of great assistance.

The SAR application process is explained on the national website: SAR website.

Additionally, an application worksheet can be downloaded from the following link: SAR Application


Membership in the National Society is mandatory for members of the Captain John Collins Chapter. Membership applications are accepted by the Chapter Registrar when completed and sent to the Georgia Society of the SAR which approves acceptable applications then forwards on to the National SAR for final approval

Regular: A member age 18 or older who pays annual dues. Only regular members may vote and hold office in the SAR and receive the SAR Magazine for free. Life membership dues may be prepaid.

Junior: A member under age 18 who pays annual dues. He will be jointly enrolled in the CAR (Children of the American Revolution). His CAR dues are paid from part of his SAR dues.

Memorial: A male who is a deceased close relative of a SAR member and whose application is based on (most of) the same lineage as that SAR member. There are no dues and a portion of the application fee goes to the Society’s Permanent Fund.


To be eligible for membership in the SAR you must be a citizen of good repute in the community and the lineal descendant of an ancestor who was at all times unfailing in loyalty to the cause of American independence and rendered acceptable service (see list in the next column) by overt acts of resistance to the authority of Great Britain. The patriotic service and line of descent must be documented through acceptable references. Family tradition in regard to the service of an ancestor or the line of descent is not acceptable as documentation.

The applicant must also be personally acceptable to the National Society. SAR members may provide informal assistance to the applicant, but the NSSAR will not give a preliminary decision on a line of descent, service, or the evidentiary value of proposed evidence.

If the complete and documented application has been submitted and is found to be inadequate, the applicant may be advised of possible ways to secure better documentation.

For additional information, please contact the Chapter Registrar using the form below