President’s Message

Dear Compatriots,

Another year begins as we honor the trials and accomplishments our ancestors suffered so long ago.  We lost a few valued compatriots in 2021, but have been fortunate to gain new ones, despite the trials of the last two years.  As I write this, the Omicron variant has stricken the country, but our chapter, as with many chapters across the state of Georgia, is going strong. Along with our sister organization the Daughters of the American Revolution, we are attending events, and as is our custom, supporting worthy causes.

I am pleased to have the support this year of a strong new group of elected officers, and with their support, hope to have an exciting year. Our new Vice President is coming up with a great set of speakers, on topics you won’t want to miss, and the rest of our officers and committee chairs are busy behind the scenes working to make this a great year.

Special thanks to our immediate past President Stallings Howell, his cabinet, the Board of Managers, committee members, and to be honest, every member of the Captain John Collins chapter.  Did I mention, we are honored to have among our membership a former President General of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, a serving State President, and a former State President; I’m probably missing a few. Come to one of our meetings, and I’ll introduce you around unless they welcome you first. We hold open meetings, so if you want to visit, come on by.  Just give me a call to find out where and when.


Bruce Wampler

2022-2023 President
Captain John Collins Chapter