President’s Message

Compatriots, Honored Guests, Friends

It is a blessing and a privilege to stand before you as your Captain John Collins Chapter President.  I believe that there are no accidents, and that God puts us where He wants us to be, and I am humbled to be called your President. As s steward of the legacy handed down from many before, I stand on the foundation that many Past Presidents of this great Chapter have built.  I want to especially recognize the work of the past Chapter Presidents, all the officers, and the work of the members that have made the Captain John Collins Chapter an exemplary model by any standard. Special thanks to President Bruce Wampler for his selfless service to the Captain John Collins Chapter. Bruce brought his own unique talents and abilities to the job, and brought the chapter forward from the uncertainty of the post pandemic age. Additionally, thanks to all the members of this chapter who have been mentors, guides, and most precious of all friends to me ever since I joined the Captain John Collins. There has never been a time where I wondered who to call with a question or guidance. In my time as Vice President, I never felt I was alone nor that I had to reinvent the wheel to perform the job.

Friends, the mission of the SAR is as necessary today as ever and the Captain John Collins Chapter is in the best position to deliver on the promise. We will focus and recruiting new members and retaining the members we have. We will continue to build and enhance our programs for veterans. We will emphasize our commitment to the youth of this nation through the programs service the JROTC and the Boy Scouts. Through History, Patriotism and Education, we build citizens and leaders by teaching of the miracle that is this country. We will honor our patriots and compatriots who have served our country and this great Society. We will reach out to serve our community through one-on-one communication – by speaking at schools, civic groups, doing youth awards programs, marching in a parade in a uniform, presenting the colors, or presenting a Good Citizenship medal to a community member. When we look at what a successful Organization looks like, we don’t need to look any further than the Daughters of the American Revolution.  They really have it all together, and we can and should learn from their success.  We will continue our partnership with the Daughters of the American Revolution and together we must promote patriotism, education, and history. Finally, we will continue planning our celebration for the 250th anniversary of our country.  This involves a five-year plan developed by the National Committee.  This is going to be a local, state, and national event, where we can join with other lineage societies for a once in a lifetime event.

I am excited about the future of the Captain John Collins Chapter.  I believe that our greatest days are ahead of us!  We have a lot of irons in the fire, a lot of programs, and a lot of dedicated Compatriots working hard and making a difference.  We have a lot of goals and a common vision to make the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution the absolute best it can be. I believe that history calls us for such a time as we have today – “To remember our obligations to our forefathers who gave us our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, an independent Supreme Court, and a nation of free men.”

Thank you and may God Bless you and our great Organization.

Yours in Patriotism,

President, Captain John Collins Chapter SAR